Action Cameras and GoPro

Get right into the action!

Smartphones provide incredible video these days and you can always opt for a dedicated camcorder or a DSLR for superior quality but what if you’re planning on shooting somewhere a little… unconventional?

This is where action cameras come in. Instead of spending time telling you about how many fancy effects you can use while capturing video or lumping in a whole bunch of extra features, they’re all about capturing breath-taking footage in challenging conditions.

Say you’re lingering in the shallows, waiting for that perfect wave or just about to ski downhill at great speed – you don’t want to be fumbling with f-stops, settings and accessories. Action cams are all about making it as easy as possible to get recording without having to worry about anything else.

Typically, they’re small, self-contained devices with minimal buttons and some don’t even include a screen. This helps to improve battery life and otherwise they’re all about providing a wide field of vision and powerful performance.

Often action cams will be able to record slow motion footage – like the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition which grabs 1080p video. That’s in addition to being able to snap 12 megapixel stills.

With a wide angle lens and fast shooting (even in low light) you’re sure to get the best angle on the action – with the camera mounted on your bike, board or even your helmet. Many of these cameras can also be used underwater and are shock-resistant. Plus people really like to see what happens when your trick or stunt didn’t go quite right!

GoPro currently lead the field when it comes to action cameras, providing incredible performance and accessible controls as well as plenty of official accessories but there are plenty of other brands to suit your every action-packed need.

In Short: Action cameras are the ultimate way to capture your most impressive tricks and activities without having to worry about breaking your camera!

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