It’s getting hot in here! Tips to stay cool this summer


Summer has arrived. Not only is it sunny and dry, but it’s incredibly warm. While we appreciate the good weather, we’re not really built for it. Here are some tips to stay cool this summer.

There are a few tips that are fairly standard. You should wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing, and a brimmed hat can give you some shade. Make sure you stay hydrated. Freezing a bottle of water will mean you have chilled water for hours.

One of the first investments you may want to make is to pick up a fan. If you’re stuck at your desk from 9-5, Dyson’s Cold Desk Fan is a worthy consideration. It will cool you down without distracting you, as not only is it powerful, but it’s also quiet.

Unlike traditional fans, the Cold Desk Fan doesn’t feature blades. Instead, its design draws in surrounding air through an annular aperture and projects it around the room. It has ten airflow settings, so you should find one that makes you comfortable.

If you’re thinking that a fan only has a limited time of use during the year, Dyson also produces the Hot + Cool Fan. This keeps you cool in the summer, but can also warm you up in the winter. You just set a target room temperature, and the fan warms or cools to your desired temperature. That’s a clever idea.

Make sure you’re comfortable now that the sun is out and heating up our homes. There’s nothing worse than hoping that the sun will go in; we only get a precious few days of it a year. For our full range of Dyson fans, visit

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