New Irish app helps you find your nearest Gardai Station


For some notable emergency situations it is absolutely the right decision to call the Gardai or to get an ambulance or fire engine out as soon as possible. But if your straights are somewhat less dire but you still need to get Gardai aid quickly, there’s a new app which can help.

The Gardai Station Locator app by Irish man John Keane does exactly what you expect it to – when you open the app it shows you the 10 nearest Gardai stations when you can get aid or information. A simple click on any of these entries brings you to a page of details so you can confirm the address or call the station directly.

The app is totally free and it’s on the Apple app store now. You can also manually select any county in Ireland to get a list of the Gardai stations within its borders and details on how to contact them.

The developer is also working on a companion app which will list distance and details for hospitals around the country.

Download the Gardai Station Locator app for iOS here.



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