Irish Silage Cutting Videos are Going Viral!


It’s that time of the year, getting the silage in, and in 2015 it makes for a bit of a viral video sensation.

YouTube videos of the farming activity have been springing up from all over Ireland, showing off some great harvesting action and getting up close and personal for the gathering and storage elements of the event.

From Sligo we get to see a pair of John Deere tractors drawing the silage, and hear that it was a late season for it in 2015 thanks to the wet weather in May. There’s also some action from Cork, with a bit of Oasis thrown in for good measure.

But for sheer production value, you can’t top this video from Cashel by Barry Grogan. He’s using a professional grade DJI Phantom drone with a mounted camera which really lets him get in some sweeping action at the start of the video.

Epic stuff!

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