Cylinder vs Cordless – Which is Best For Me?


If it’s time for you to upgrade the old vacuum cleaner there’s a question you have to ask yourself – do you go with a cordless model or a cylinder-based replacement?

Read on for our tips on how to solve this dilemma!

As with every system there are different pros and cons for each and it’s a question of balancing these different criteria against how you’ll commonly use the cleaner and what kind of home you have.

Dyson V6 Abolute

Dyson V6 Abolute

Cordless vacuum cleaners are more versatile on account of being lighter and able to access areas which would be difficult with a heavier unit. They’ll just as easily tackle dirt on stairs, curtains and furniture as on the floor.

They’re also generally smaller which makes them easier to store and possibly more useful for those who find physical activity difficult. The rub with a cordless model is that it has to be charged and it generally won’t last that long before expiring. But its convenience might make you use it more regularly so marathon vacuuming sessions won’t be necessary.

Dyson Animal

Dyson Animal

Cylinder vacuum cleaners are larger – which certainly has more benefits. They’re generally more powerful, which means better cleaning in less time. That makes them ideal for large areas and bigger homes.

They also regularly come with a larger cleaning head for more efficient vacuuming and a number of attachments which can make your life easier and their larger bags mean you’ll have to empty them less. But they’re also harder to store, noisier and less convenient than smaller models.

It really boils down to your own situation and also your personal preference. As a general rule a cordless model will better suit a medium sized house or apartment or someone with a lot of awkward angles to work around. And a Cylinder type would be ideal for large homes with a lot of floor space that needs cleaning and who might benefit from a bit more power – like those with pets.

Either way, you’ll find the model you need at Harvey Norman – so check out what they have on offer.

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