Need help switching to Windows 10? Our Lovetech experts are here to help


As of Tuesday, January 14th, Microsoft announced that after 10 years it will no longer be providing support for its Windows 7 operating system. In short, Microsoft will no longer be offering technical support for any issues you may have, will not be providing any further software upgrades, security updates or fixes, potentially leaving any PCs still using this system vulnerable to malware and nasty computer viruses.

We know change can be difficult, but never fear because we’re here to help. The best way for you to stay secure is by using the latest Windows OS – Windows 10. While it is possible to install this system on your older device, it is not recommended.


The best thing to do is purchase a new PC that already has Windows 10 installed. Our in-store PC experts can help you find the ideal device to suit your needs and budget.

The computers department is their natural environment! Whether you’re powered for gaming or programmed for performance then look no further. No matter what the task, let us help you find the perfect device for on the go or at your desk.

We also stock a wide range of tablets to suit your style. Lightweight designs combined with impressive storage and battery-life make tablets the perfect mobile device for work and play. Bring your favourite movies, music, books and more everywhere you go.

Once you’ve decided on your new device it’s time to pay a visit to our Lovetech technicians. They’re are on hand to guide you through what can seem like an overwhelming transition, all you have to do is pop in-store and have a chat to one of our friendly experts.

What is Lovetech?

Lovetech is our dedicated in store tech support team. Whether it’s installing Windows 10 on your current device or helping you move all of your files onto your new computer – we’ve got you covered.

With dedicated Lovetech technicians in all of our stores nationwide, making the move to Windows 10 has never been easier.