A Third of People Have Thrown a Password Tantrum!


There are many amazing things about today’s digital life, with the availability of information, entertainment and credit-card-killing shopping from every location, any time of the day or night.

But there are also some very annoying aspects of this brave new world, including the dreaded password.

With the number of sites we’re registered with constantly growing, remembering each new password has become a real nuisance, and its driving some people to scream at their computers.

A major survey conducted in the UK by Centrify (which conveniently creates password management software) suggests that a quarter of people forget their passwords at least once per day and five percent just simply forget them all the time.

That’s not to mention that one in three people admitted to suffering real feelings of rage when they can’t recall their password for a website or service. The reactions range from crying and screaming to actually banging their heads on the desk.

The numbers suggest that this kind of behaviour is pretty widespread but the solution isn’t that simple. Using the same or similar passwords would make your life easier but there are serious security concerns, especially for sites where you also save your credit card details.

We might soon find salvation in other hardware, with different ways of verifying that we’re really who we say we are. Apple has had a lot of success with its fingerprint reader on the last couple of iterations of the iPhone and other companies are working on tech to verify your identity via a scan of your eye.

For the moment though, it’s time to renew that office password, and to remember just where you were supposed to put that asterisk…

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