You can watch an 8K video on YouTube right now

Most people don’t have a monitor or TV that they can watch 8K resolution videos yet, but that hasn’t stopped an 8K video from being uploaded to YouTube.

The clip, called Ghost Towns, can be watched in 8K, or 4320p resolution. The video is a slow-panning journey through what seems to be a recently abandoned mining settlement. If you have the screen to enjoy it, sit back and bask in the glorious picture quality.

8K is roughly four times the quality of 4K video. As it is, people are only getting on board with 4K video now as TVs, monitors, and camcorders become more affordable.

Ghost Towns was filmed by Luke and Marika Neumann, who used a RED Epic Dragon 6K camera in portrait orientation. The resulting footage was then upscaled or or stitched together with Adobe’s After Effects suite.

YouTube has supported 8K videos since 2010, but it only added the 8K quality setting as a possibility “earlier this year.” While not many people have the equipment needed to fully enjoy this resolution, it’s great to see YouTube ahead of the curve when it comes to ultra-high definition video.

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