Forbes say “These are the Rolls-Royce of true wireless earbuds”


Moving freely without restrictions has become an important factor for headphone and earphone manufacturers. Sennheiser have been one of the market leaders for decades and they’ve just released the latest product to rave about; the Momentum True Wireless Earbuds. Designed to feel lightweight and comfortable and to sound like “you’re there”, the earbuds are a truly wireless wonder. Described by Forbes as “the Rolls-Royce of true wireless earbuds”, they need to be heard to be believed.

Like most wireless earbuds, these Momentum earbuds come in a compact box that keeps them safe from the daily knocks earbuds can take. Conveniently, the box also doubles up as a charging station. Forbes took a closer look at the box: “Inside the box is a rechargeable battery that holds 12 hours of charge, enough to charge the earbuds three times over. The charging station can be connected to almost any USB charger and it uses a USB C port. The charging station box is incredibly sturdy and covered in a tough fabric material that’s screen-printed with the Sennheiser logo. The box closes with a firm magnetic catch and the earbuds sit inside the box. A magnet pulls each earbud into its charging aperture where gold-plated contacts start recharging each bud immediately. Left and right earbuds can only fit into their docking apertures one way so there’s no question of mixing up left and right earbuds.” As well as the fantastic multitasking box, these earbuds are IPX4 splash resistant.


The second you remove the earbuds from their charging case they turn themselves on and instantly pair with any Bluetooth device they’ve previously been paired with. As Forbes noted: “First-time pairing is a simple case of placing a finger on each earbud as they sit in the ear and waiting five seconds for the pairing process to begin. Once that’s done pairing happens automatically every time the earbuds are taken out of their box.” WOW! How fantastic is that?

These earbuds are also super lightweight. All you need to do to make them fit is to put them in and turn them back 90° so they sit comfortably in your ear. They’re also suitable for any activity as Forbes mentioned, “If you’re worried about the earbuds falling out of your ears as you jog or walk, then don’t. These earbuds stay firmly put but without feeling uncomfortable. There’s also a choice of four sizes of silicone eartips to suit most ears, with each size guaranteeing a perfect acoustic seal that ensures great sound.” Forbes carry on when it comes to sound, saying “the bass is utterly sublime and controlled, bringing alive all those lower register sounds like kick drums, tubas, and basses. Every single low note is separated out to form a convincing stereo soundstage. Meanwhile, the midrange is as clear as a proverbial bell, bringing forward all the detail of the music and underpinning vocals beautifully. Treble is as smooth as can be with so much detail from cymbals, triangles, and higher guitar notes, but without ever verging on harshness.”

These earbuds are a great Christmas gift, especially for those who enjoy their music or are planning their healthy New Year’s resolutions! Check them out in-store or online here.

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Original source: Forbes

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