Irish Independent Report on How to Choose the Right Washing Machine


Are you in the market for a brand new washing machine? If so, The Independent have come up with this handy guide to help you find the best washing machine for you.

Household appliances have come a long way in recent years. You can now get new washing machines that are specifically designed to help allergy sufferers or smart enough to calculate the optimum amount of water to use per wash. Getting the best washing machine for you means considering everything from drum size to programs to special features as you look for a new machine that matches your needs. Get it right and you won’t have to invest in a new machine for a very long time. Get it wrong and you might be reminded of the one that got away every time you put on a wash!

Below is a detailed look at the best and top-rated machines in different categories. This simple breakdown will help you pick out a machine that suits, whether you want a simple washer dryer that covers all the basics or one of the top washing machines on the market.

The Smart Washing Machine


Bosch Series 8 9kg Automatic Washing Machine

Why buy it: The Series 8 9kg Automatic Washing Machine can handle everything you want to throw at it but it’s also packed with smart tech features. It’s all about efficiency, from its A+++ energy rating to its detergent and water-saving feature. The i-DOS and ActiveWater Plus features can calculate exactly how much detergent and water is needed based on the size, weight and even how much dirt is on the load. That saves you money by cutting out waste and optimising its performance.

VarioPerfect also lets you reduce the time and energy needed to do a range of washes. Its unique WaveDrum feature offers gentle washing so that even delicate clothes will stand up to repeated washes. It’s one of the best washing machines to buy if you want a smart machine that’s future proofed for years to come.

Best feature: The Home Connect mobile app is perfect for multitasking, allowing you to remotely monitor and control your wash while still getting on with your busy schedule.

What they say: “A trendy machine with WIFI features if this suits your lifestyle. It’s so quiet you can’t tell it’s running, perfect for night time washes. Simple to use. A perfect purchase.” (Bosch customer review)

The Family Washing Machine


Bosch Series 6 range

Why buy it: With a large 9kg capacity, this machine has plenty of space for school uniforms, work clothes or grubby sports gear. Plus, the DrumClean program cleans and maintains the drum to keep it in top condition, even if you’re throwing mucky rugby gear into it twice a week.

The EcoSilence Drive makes it very energy-efficient and reduces vibrations. Like all Bosch washing machines, it comes with a two-year warranty to give you peace of mind – no matter how much you use it.

The VarioPerfect feature lets you change the length of set washes, offering families even more flexibility and washing options. An EcoBar also tells you how much energy a program will use, letting you decide how much energy you use and helping you to control costs. It comes with an A+++ energy efficiency rating.

Best feature: The EcoSilence Drive and AntiVibration sidewall makes it very quiet during washes or dry spins, which is ideal for households where the washing machine is constantly on the go.

What they say: “I did a lot of research before choosing this washing machine which was highly rated by all the review sites. I agree! A good selection of wash options but not too many or too complicated to use and the spin cycle is so good my drier has an easy job.” (Bosch customer review)

The Affordable Washing Machine


Bosch Series 4 range

Why buy it: The Serie 4 range may be affordable but it still packs a powerful punch. It has a 8kg capacity and its EcoSilence Drive makes it very energy-efficient to use. It’s quiet, durable and able to handle all your laundry needs. ActiveWater Plus also judges the exact amount of water needed for each wash, causing less waste while not sacrificing results.

Best feature: The VarioPerfect feature allows you to set specific washes to be quicker and more efficient, cutting the energy used in half and doing a wash in less than half the time it normally takes.

What they say: “First time I have bought Bosch and have to say well chuffed! The standard of cleaning is by far the best I’ve seen! Great features and really quiet which is great when I have a newborn trying to sleep!!” (Bosch customer review)

The eco-friendly Washing Machine


Bosch Series 8 range

Why buy it: This top-rated washing machine combines impressive environmental credentials with performance to give you a machine that is ethical, reliable and packed with features. The ActiveWater Plus uses sensors to work out the optimum amount of water needed per wash. It comes with an EcoSilence Drive for extreme efficiency and low noise plus it also offers consumption indication to keep you informed about how much energy and water you are using.

The AutoStain feature helps you easily remove the most stubborn stains in a single wash and this machine also offers smart connectivity for remote usage. The Easy Start function allows you to enter the laundry’s colour, material type and degree of soiling into the app and then it automatically chooses the right wash program to get the best results and use the optimum amount of energy.

Best feature: Its A+++ -30pc energy efficiency rating means that it is 30pc more efficient that the best efficiency class, ensuring you get more bang for your buck and eliminating unnecessary waste.

What they say: “This is such good quality and is so quiet. As with most Bosch equipment it’s excellent quality” (Bosch customer review)

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