Sony SmartBand 2 Accidentally Revealed


A new app popped up on the Google Play store today – it was a companion app for a wearable device called the Sony SmartBand 2. And that's interesting because such a wearable doesn't yet exist!

The app listing was pulled down pretty quickly but not before it was ransacked for any details. First and foremost, it seems pretty clear that there's a new fitness tracking device on the way from Sony, a sequel to their life-tracking SmartBand.

It was designed as a way to keep up to date with your walking and running but also to help you take note of important moments in your day, thanks to special life-logging software. Touching an input on SmartBand added a focal point to that moment in the day, and you could later use various features of the life-logging software to examine a snapshot of what you were up to.

It's likely that aspect will also make the transition to the new SmartBand 2 and the listing also outs the fact that it will come with a built-in heart-rate monitor, a much better way of keeping track of whether you're burning calories in the best way possible.

Other than that, it doesn't look like there will be many surprises in the new software, but the snapshot of the upcoming wearable makes it look pretty slick.

With the app already ready for launch, expect news on the Sony SmartBand 2 soon.

In Short: The Google Play store has published a listing for a companion app for the Sony SmartBand 2 – and it hasn’t been announced yet!

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