Achieve Your Best Sleep with the Sleepace RestOn Strap


We must have said this a thousand times before but we’re happy to say it again: we here at Harvey Norman are sleep lovers! We’re also sleep specialists who are always looking to add the latest inventions to our already extensive range of bedding products. Our in-store staff are able to advise you on what mattress or pillow will best suit the kind of sleeper you are and very soon they’ll be able to tell you about some fantastic new sleep enhancing products.

Established in 2011, Sleepace are one of the world’s leading innovators when it comes to bettering your sleep. Since producing their Baby Movement Monitor in 2012, Sleepace have added a wide range of beneficial products to their line. Included are 3 fantastic products that will soon be arriving at Harvey Norman; the RestOn Strap, Sleep Dot and Nox Aroma. These 3 products are perfect for anyone who either suffers from a sleeping problem or is simply looking to get more from their downtime. So, what’s so special about the first of these 3 products, the RestOn Strap? Let’s find out!

RestOn Strap


The RestOn Strap is here to track, investigate and improve your sleep and it’ll do it almost overnight. The strap runs across your mattress and connects via its innovative magnetic lock design, keeping it tightly wrapped around your mattress. It tracks your heart rate, sleep cycle, body movement, sleep time and much more. All of its findings are accessible through the Sleepace App that lets you see how you sleep. While the Sleepace App provides 95% data accuracy, it’s up to you to take the results and use them to better your sleep.

We’re delighted to be bringing these Sleepace products to our store in the near future, so if you want more healthy, refreshing and rejuvenating sleep, keep and eye on the website for the entire range!

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