This is the new GoPro Hero LCD


The GoPro action camera family is getting bigger – read on for the lowdown on their latest device.

The GoPro Hero+ LCD is pretty much what it sounds like – the Hero camera with a touchscreen LCD attached. But that, in itself, is quite a lot.

For one thing, you get the famed water, dust and shock proof features common to all GoPro cameras which have made them an essential piece of kit for action-obsessed people around the world.

For the Hero+ LCD the camera is actually attached to that tough case, meaning you’ll never be without it and the touchscreen is accessible on through the back door – either by opening it or via an included optional backdoor with a soft area which allows you to touch the screen without opening it.

And that screen is a real game changer – allowing users to line up shots perfectly before taking videos or pictures and also giving them easy access to features, playback and plenty more.

The Hero+ LCD features 1080p video up to 60 frames per second and stills at 8MP, a boost from the 5MP of the standard Hero camera.

With the touchscreen and a number of ways to grab high quality video and amazing still frames, there’s no easier way to get involved with the GoPro system than the new Hero+ LCD.

The GoPro Hero+ LCD is on sale in July 2015.

In Short: Step into the GoPro action camera world with this amazing camera which is a great step up from the entry level hero

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