You Can Now Post GIFs on Facebook!


Expressing yourself on Facebook has just gotten even easier and more expressive – now you can use GIFs!

Right now, if you paste a link to a GIF into a post on your Feed, it will come up in slick animated fashion.

Now you don’t even have to write words to communicate, because sometimes there’s simply no better way to put things across than in the form of a famous scene or a cute animal.

So whether you feel like this:


Or this:


You now have a way of letting your Facebook followers know it. For the moment, Pages won’t be able to post GIFs but that feature is in the works – possibly until the company sees whether users are really getting to grips with the short animated sequences.

If you are seeing a lot of them, you can change your Autoplay options in Facebook to ensure they don’t keep grabbing your attention.

So go forth and GIF!



In Short: Facebook has rolled out a new feature which lets users posts animated GIFs right to their feed – express yourself in new ways!

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