Avoid the Noise with Skullcandy Venue


Whether you’re commuting on the subway, tuning out the kitchen radio, or escaping the distractions of an open office, Venue helps you create your own quiet space. The active noise cancelling function filters out unwanted noise so all you hear is your music. The wireless headphones allow you to disconnect completely and enjoy the moment. Their ultramodern design includes cushioning that not only make the headphones comfortable to wear, but also make them feel lightweight. All you need to do is pick the tunes and Venue will take care of the rest.


Go ahead, get lost in your music. Get lost in the show. But never worry about losing your headphones again. Venue features built-in Tile technology so you can track your headphones anywhere, meaning you’ll never leave the house without them again.

Need to talk to someone? With the press of a button Venue lets you answer a question or order a coffee without taking off your headphones. They also have rapid charge functionality and a battery that lasts up to 24 hours, keeping you in the zone throughout the day.

Make the most of your music by shopping our collection of Skullcandy headphones here.

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