Google’s new photo app details leak – check them out here


Google will reveal a standalone photo service that won’t rely on Google+ this week during Google IO 2015. Of course, details have already leaked.

We know some of the app’s features and what it looks like thanks to screenshots posted by Android Police. The site posted a variety of screenshots that show what you can expect from the app.

The new tool, which replaces Google+ Photos, will let users share images on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. If Google does drop the dependency on Google+, it will give the service greater freedom to take on its rivals. That strategy worked out well for Facebook with the takeover of Instagram.

Much of the functionality and many features are being carried over from the current Photos app. Of course, there will also be a variety of new features. For example, users will be able to share photos and videos with a single URL.

The Auto-Awesome tool is renamed as Assistant. This gives users more control over the slideshows, movies and collages you can create from your content. Meanwhile, it’s possible to create Albums automatically by date, location, or other metadata.

Automation is a focal point of the new app. Albums are created automatically, while the system can handle tagging itself too. This will enable users to pull up similar images with the same tag.

Many will be pleased that this photo storage and sharing service won’t be dependent on Google+. Of course, the irony isn’t lost on some. Google+ Photos came to be because Google brought Picasa, a standalone photo editing and sharing service, into the Google+ fold.

Google will announce its plans formally at Google IO this week.

In Short: Google will soon replace Google+ Photos with a new standalone photo storage and sharing tool. Here are the first details thanks to leaked screenshots.

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