Check out the top 10 YouTube videos of all time in Ireland


YouTube has been around for 10 years!

That’s a decade of serving up cute cat videos, fail compilations, vlogs, trailers and songs you couldn’t find anywhere else.

There are literally billions of videos in Google’s massive server vaults, with 300 hours of new video added every minute of every day!

That’s a lot to choose from but choose we did and Google has released the 10 most viewed YouTube videos from the island of Ireland in the last 10 years. Some are not surprising, some are and others are just really, really weird…

Check them out here!

This list specifically doesn’t focus on music videos but if it did there’s still a clear winner. Almost three years after it debuted, that place still belongs to Psy and Gangnam Style with almost 2.4 billion views!

In Short: The incredible video depository YouTube has been around for a full decade and this is what we’ve been watching

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