Introducing three new iPhones and an Apple Watch

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Tech giant Apple yesterday announced the arrival of 3 new iPhones, making it one of the biggest days in technology 2018 has seen so far. The 3 iPhones announced are the iPhone Xs Max, the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xr. Along with 3 new iPhones, Apple will also be releasing the Apple Watch Series 4, their latest reinvention of the timepiece.

You know that Harvey Norman are always looking to add the latest technology to our stores, so we’re delighted to say we’ll have the Xs and the Xs Max available online and in-store on Friday September 21st. It’s not enough to just tell you the names of each new release of course, so let’s take a more detailed look.

iPhone Xs Max


Each of the 3 new iPhones feature Face ID recognition, making it easier to wake up the phone and pay for products. The iPhone Xs Max has a number of features that put it ahead of the somewhat similar Xr. The Xs Max has a stunning 6.5″ OLED screen; OLED being a feature of TVs we constantly rave about. The overall outline size of the Xs Max stays relatively the same as the iPhone 8 due to the fact that it’s an all-screen device. It also has a dual-camera system that uses innovative sensors to capture and display your photos like never before.

Size counts with this new iPhone too as it boasts a 512GB memory. Apple have also said that the Xs Max has a battery life 90 minutes greater than that of the current iPhone X.

iPhone Xr

The iPhone Xr is being touted as the “cheaper” option to the iPhone X as Apple have removed the second camera and swapped out OLED for LCD. Apart from that, you still get the standard setting features iPhones are so well known for. It has a 6.1″ screen, a 12-megapixel wide angle lens camera, and a battery life 90 minutes greater than the iPhone 8. The iPhone Xr is available to pre-order from October 19th.

iPhone Xs


Essentially an upgrade on the iPhone X, the iPhone Xs no less brings with it 5.8″ OLED display and a storage memory of 512GB. These features, added to those already available on the iPhone X, make the Xs a more enjoyable and easy to use phone.

Need Freedom in Your Life?

We’re changing the way Ireland is buying mobile phones. Here at Harvey Norman we know how restrictive long mobile phone contracts with networks can feel, which is why we want our customers to break free and take charge of their phones. Long contracts can bog you down with the same old smartphone for far too long and you may miss out on the latest and greatest devices because you’re tied down to one device. Also, you might miss out on an incredible new deal offering unlimited everything because you can’t change contracts without paying an unnecessarily large fee. We know how frustrating mobile network contracts can be, so we introduced Freedom, a new SIM Free buying option for all of our smartphones.

Why Go SIM Free?

For those of you unfamiliar with SIM Free smartphones, they are smartphones that are sold as the manufacturer supplies them; without a SIM card and not locked to any mobile network. Mobile network providers prefer to sell smartphones with long and expensive contracts as it allows them the recoup the value of the phone from the user. While perfectly legal, this practice isn’t particularly fair to the customer as it prevents them from changing phone or contract for a long period of time (usually 24 months), unless they pay a hefty fee when they do want to end their contract.

SIM Free phones are completely free from the hassle that comes with mobile network contracts, allowing the customer to use any network, tariff or plan during the phone’s lifetime and helping them save money in the long run. SIM Free smartphones are more practical to use than those locked into mobile network contracts as you can simply swap your current SIM card out for a foreign network SIM card when travelling. Most mobile networks offer great value SIM-only plans that are perfect for SIM Free phones, so you’ll be able to find the ideal plan with your preferred network provider.

Freedom from Harvey Norman is a practical SIM Free Smartphone plan for people who want to take charge of their phone.

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