At every one of our Irish stores we have a diverse selection of computers and laptops for you to choose from. However, we thought it wasn’t enough to simply offer you best in class technology, which is why we introduced our Lovetech service, available in each of our 13 Irish stores. Lovetech is our very own in-store service team and is here for the lifetime of your technology from the very start. Lovetech’s set-up and installation services are designed to help you get the most from your device from the beginning. So let’s take a look at two set-up services in particular; Standard Laptop Set-Up and Standard Tablet Set-Up.

Standard Laptop Set-Up


To get your laptop set-up correctly, give it to our Lovetech team. This service includes a range of installations and set-ups including:

  • computer set-up and personalisation.
  • selection of app instalments.
  • all software updated.
  • McAfee installation.*
  • Microsoft Office installation.*
  • eLearning portal account set-up.
  • constantly updated training material.

*Microsoft Office and McAfee are sold separately

Standard Tablet Set-Up


As tablets now carry out more and more functions, it’s important that they are set-up and configured correctly to get the most from them. The Lovetech Standard Tablet Set-Up includes:

  • tablet set-up and personalisation.
  • store account created e.g. App Store.
  • systems updates installed.

Lovetech eLearning

Our Lovetech service isn’t limited to just device services either, as we also offer a unique eLearning course that shows you how to use the device you have purchased. It also includes a full suite of classes teaching you how to use the Microsoft Office suite.

Whether you’re writing your thesis in Word or creating a presentation in PowerPoint, our eLearning portal can help. All of our material is accredited by the Irish Academy of Computer Training. Our eLearning portal is available from €50 or free with any premium Lovetech setup service.

If you are buying a new device or want to get the most from a device you already own, get in contact with one of our Lovetech teams to find out how we can help.

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