Off to College: Pick a Laptop that suits You

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Your laptop is going to be one of your most used devices during your college years. Not only that, it’s also going to be the most important. A suitable laptop allows you to do your work from home or in the library without having to queue for a computer. You want a laptop that works around your needs, one that takes as much stress as possible out of your assignments.

To help you choose the right laptop, we have some tips and icons below that summarise the different factors to consider when buying your laptop.



Simply put, the higher the performance, the faster your computer can process tasks. This means smoother process when working, keeping you in your creative flow for longer as you tackle your latest assignment. Everything from start-up to the saving of documents is sped up, saving you from slow, frustrating processes.

Weight and Thickness

weightIf you’re going to be on the go, the last thing you need is your laptop weighing you down. Thinner computers are also lightweight and portable. Less weight also means a less clunky laptop, making movement between lectures more manageable.

Battery Life


Longer battery life means less charging between uses. It also means that even if you forget your charger (as we all do), your laptop won’t die on you so quickly.

Good To Know

RAM: RAM stands for Random Access Memory.
Solid State Drives: these are faster and quieter than Hard Drives. Enjoy instant boot up, rapid file access and near silent operation.
HD vs FHD: HD (High Definition) refers to 720p image resolution while FHD (Full HD) refers to an even crisper 1080p image resolution.

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