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4K was the hottest buzzword of 2014, but it’s more than just something to get peoples’ attention. It really is the future of TV. In fact, 2015 is arguably the year of the 4K TV. Earlier this year, many TV brands showcased 4K TVs at CES; it’s something they’re taking seriously.

But what is a 4K TV and why should you be interested in one? A 4K Ultra HD TV delivers around four times as much detail as a 1080p Full HD set. This means that you’ll get more fine detail, greater texture and crystal-clear clarity. If you tend to sit close to your TV, more pixels make it more difficult to see individual pixels when watching TV.

Some critics say that there isn’t enough content to justify the purchase of a 4K TV. But that’s all changing. Netflix is broadcasting in 4K, and is increasing the amount of content that’s available to watch every month.

Broadcasters are also testing the waters of 4K content. The BBC has been at the forefront of these experiments with trial broadcasts of Wimbledon 2013 and 2014’s World Cup from Brazil. And just earlier this month, the world’s first 4K TV channel launched.

The Dutch Brava Media group made its Festival 4K channel available to TV distributors around the world, showcasing festivals, concerts and theatre productions in native 4K. At the moment, the channel runs for six hours a day, which is looped. It hopes to increase to 12 hours of content per day next year and round-the-clock programming in 2017.

More broadcasting companies are expected to add 4K content to their offerings shortly. Even YouTube is now broadcasting in 4K. However, the hardware must support the format before you can watch the content.

The trickiest thing about buying a 4K TV is working out how well it upscales. How well does a particular TV utilise higher resolution displays without higher resolution content? A TV with exceptional upscaling capabilities lets you watch any content with greater clarity and detail than you would on your normal TV set.

All of these factors may make you think that a 4K TV will bear a significantly higher price tag, but the good news is that prices are falling all the time. As 4K TVs become more widespread, as we see with every other new technology, and companies ramp up production, the cost will fall even further.

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In Short: 2015 looks set to be the year of the 4K TV. Here’s all you need to know about 4K TVs, which in a nutshell mean a better quality viewing experience.

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