Flexirent – What Could You Buy for €4 a Week?


€4. It’s a cheap cup of coffee and a bun, your fare into the office or half the price of a cinema ticket, if you’re lucky! But it can also be a building block, one small step towards getting what you need for the home or what you want for yourself.

That’s because with Flexirent at Harvey Norman, just €4 a week could help you to get the best electronics without feeling the pinch of a massive bill!

With Flexirent, you get to pick up your items immediately and start on a rental plan with the option to buy at the end of the term. You don’t need a down payment or deposit and there are a number of other great benefits.

– Tax Deductible for business purposes

– Replacement of stolen or lost items

– Budget management help

– Choice of end-term options

– Upgrade to the latest product within the current agreement

Flexirent can be arranged for customers over the age of 18 on most items in-store over the value of €299. The maximum repayment period is 36 months and some terms and conditions apply.

It’s the ideal way to spread your payments, especially for expensive items which can’t wait until you’ve saved up enough for the full purchase price.

For more information, click here or go to your local Harvey Norman store.

Flexirent at Harvey Norman – a better way to pay.

In Short: If you’re planning on a major appliance purchase soon, take a minute to consider the advantages of spreading your payments with Flexirent

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