Next Apple TV Could Have a Touchpad Remote


Apple TV is a neat little box which sits next to your television set and gives you access to a wealth of streaming content from the comfort of your armchair.

The entire iTunes library is there for you to enjoy, with the latest movies in stunning HD including special bonus content as well as the content from services like Netflix, YouTube and many more.

And you can also easily sync to your other Apple devices, streaming video or music from your Mac for example or making the most of the big screen to show off photos from your phone of your latest adventure.

Apple TV has made streaming content available to all, and an early rumour is suggesting it might be getting even better soon. Someone close to the manufacturing process is saying that the next version of Apple TV could include a touchpad on its slimline remote.

It’s a small change but one which would make a big difference to the way we interact with the menus of the device. You’ll be able to point and select with the freedom and dexterity of a mouse, rather than having to thumb through every option.

This addition will open up new functionality for Apple TV users and could well be announced at the annual developers conference in June 2015, with the model available later in the year.

We’ll have more information soon, in the meantime, browse for Apple TV products at Harvey Norman.

In Short: The latest Apple TV, due later in 2015, could be the first to sport a unique touchpad on its slimline remote control

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