The Award Winning Panasonic Ultra Smart TV: Tomorrow’s TV, Today

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In a market as competitive as TV’s, staying ahead of the pack means advanced technology, stunning visuals and crisp sound. It means having to understand your customer and to keep up with their demands, bringing them the most captivating experience possible. Panasonic have been doing this for decades. They’ve been developing TV’s for over 60 years and in 2006 made the decision to focus solely on digital TVs. With that came a wave of innovation that’s lead us to the subject of today’s post; the Panasonic 4K HDR OLED Smart TV.

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Exceptional Viewing

OLED TVs bring you an incredible viewing experience as their self-illuminating system individually regulates 8 million pixels. In order to enhance your HDR experience, Panasonic original functions such as Dynamic Scene Optimiser optimise HDR images according to the content. The Auto Brightness Enhancer also adjusts the picture in response to the ambient lights in your viewing environment.

Cinema Certified

THX was founded by legendary filmmaker George Lucas with the sole purpose of enhancing the viewers entertainment experience, both during their cinema visit and in their home. Not every TV gets THX certified, as they must pass 400 independent THX lab tests within 30 testing categories to receive the THX 4K Display certification. That’s why movies on this TV represent the director’s true vision, putting you in their seat for a truly immersive experience.

Serious About Sound

Created in collaboration with renowned Hi-Fi brand Technics, this TV’s speaker offers a remarkably high level of sound quality. Inside the deceptively slim audio system are no fewer than 12 speaker units. In turn, the speaker maximizes images with richer bass and more realistic surround sound.

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