The Era of the Mega Screen


For years the humble TV set remained mostly unchanged. Hulking beasts which squatted in the corner of living rooms around the world with massively heavy innards and thick glass fronting a CRT display.

But the last decade or so has seen major changes in everything from the aspect ratio of popular broadcasting to the fundamental design of the television. And that revolution is still ongoing, as higher and higher resolutions are reached.

Today’s TVs are bigger but also slimmer, managing to get 50 inches or more of viewing into a form that’s slim and gorgeous and won’t break your back if you have to move it.

And the latest sets also come with all new technology which is designed to make your viewing experience even more special. The larger TVs (over 47 inches or so) are really pushing out the boat in terms of making tech like 4K resolution accessible to everyone.

Larger sets also commonly use OLED technology which allows for deeper blacks and incredible contrast, as well as saving on your electricity consumption.

One of the latest TV trends is literally changing the shape of this familiar device, bringing in fabulous curves that allow the screen to envelope the user. This new way of viewing ensures that more people than ever can experience the sweet spot at the same time. And it doesn’t hurt that the design of many of these screens is absolutely stunning.

The popularity of large-screen TVs continues to grow and that’s not going to slow down any time soon. And you can see what the future will bring already today with just a glimpse at the dimensions of the LG 4K 98UF907V. In case the model number wasn’t a giveaway, this TV from LG measures an insane 98 inches diagonally!

That’s pretty hard to imagine, so you’ll have to see it in person. And you can because LG’s new 98 inch TV is going to be displayed at Harvey Norman in Ireland in May. You’ll want to catch a glimpse as this unit retails for a massive €34,499!

If that’s a little too big, LG also sells a 77 inch OLED screen which would look very nice in your living room, and for only €34,399 too. Or you could check out its little brother, the 65 inch LG65EC970V for just €8299.

These TV’s are absolutely cutting edge and the prices are very high right now, but they are a brief look into the future of what we can expect from TV technology in a few years, with crystal clear 4K images, curved screens and incredible features to bring whatever you’re watching to life.

These massive TV's will be on display at Harvey Norman Carrickmines in May 2015.

Check out the range of large screen TVs at Harvey Norman now.

In Short: The last few years have seen many major changes for the humble television set and the future will show that size matters

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