AEG: The Complete Clean Dishwasher


AEG have been changing the way we live for over 130 years. They’ve stayed “an idea ahead” all along, with many innovative appliances being created by AEG. These include the first electric cooker, washing machine, and clothes dryer. AEG is also a respected creator of dishwashers which is why today we want to tell you about a special dishwasher of theirs we stock.

The AEG Comfortlift dishwasher is the first dishwasher in the world that lets you gently slide and lift the lower basket upwards. Your dishes and cookware are slowly brought up to a convenient working height, enabling you to unload more efficiently, and load more effectively.

AEG Fully Integrated Comfortlift Dishwasher

This dishwasher boasts a number of useful innovations that will make your life easier. Your glasses will come out cleaner than ever before with the SoftGrip and SoftSpikes holding them in place, while also protecting them from getting damaged. Once the wash is finished, the dishwasher door is automatically opened at the end of the drying phase. This allows for the circulation of air inside the machine to dry items naturally. That’s not all however, as this dishwasher’s spacious, removable cutlery tray makes loading, washing and unloading your cutlery and utensils easier than ever before.

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