Facebook adds more than 70 gender options


From today, Facebook has become a lot more inclusive in Ireland.

That’s because the company has rolled out an update to their platform which gives you many more choices when choosing genders in your profile.

Rather than just male or female, users can now choose from a range of different options, including trans, bi and more. It’s a reflection of a more open dialogue on gender in social circles, and this feature is coming to Ireland after other areas like the US and UK.

You’ll find the new options in the About part of your Facebook page. Then click on Contact and Basic Info and under Gender you’ll find a drop down option for Custom. Start typing to see possible selections and you can choose more than one.

The new options also allow you to tailor who can see your chosen gender – you can limit it to friends or make it visible for just a small select group, helping to keep private matters private, if you want to.

According to a report from the Irish Times, Facebook worked closely with local LGBT groups to ensure they were providing a service which would be appropriate and inclusive for its users.

Head to Facebook to see the updated gender list now.

In Short: A new update to Facebook has added more than 70 new gender options to Irish users, making the social service more inclusive

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