AEG: 3 Best In Class Vacuums


AEG have been settings trends when it comes to home appliances for over 130 years. They’ve always remained “an idea ahead”, with many of your everyday appliances being created by AEG. Included are the first electric cooker, washing machine, and clothes dryer. AEG is also a standard setting manufacturer of vacuum cleaners which is why today we want to tell you about their fantastic vacuums that we stock.

Ergorapido Handheld Vacuum

The Ergorapido vacuum features an electric brush with high-quality fibres suitable for cleaning all areas of your home. This also creates maximum dust absorption which is ideal for allergy sufferers and pet owners. What’s more is that it gets every area with its 180° maneuverable head. It’s also wireless and features a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 35 minutes. The self cleaning roller isn’t the only useful final feature the vacuum has either, as it also has an LED front light to help you find hidden dust.

Ultrapower Steel Vacuum Cleaner

Rechargeable and reliable, the Ultrapower vacuum is sure to make your spring clean a lot easier. Although its Lithium TurboPower battery lasts up to 60 minutes, you’ll hardly need it when the PerformancePro nozzle gets to work. This innovative addition boasts remarkable suction power, collecting every piece of dirt it passes. When full, the dust reservoir is easy to empty, ensuring your clean is back underway in no time.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Handheld vacuum cleaner breaks boundaries wherever it goes. Clean most of the room with the main vacuum, then simply detach the handheld vacuum to get all the small spots you couldn’t reach before. Those dark, hidden spots won’t escape your clean either as the vacuum features an LED front light and extension available for those out of reach areas. You can also vacuum your entire home in one clean sweep as the Lithium HD battery has a life of 45 minutes, more than enough to make your home fresh and clean once more.

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