The New Samsung QLED TVs


We’ve got some great news for fans of cutting-edge home technology as the brand new line of Samsung QLED TVs are now available to purchase online and from your local Harvey Norman store!

An advanced TV that uses billions of colour shades to achieve a picture quality quite unlike any other on the market, the new line of Samsung QLED TVs will transform how you use your TV thanks to its range of amazing features.

For instance, all models from the new lineup of Samsung QLED TVs, such as the 65″ model seen below,  come with the One Near-Invisible Cable, which swaps messy cables and unnecessary clutter for a single, simple-to-use super-slim cable.

It’s a pretty handy feature as it keeps things neat and tidy and ensures the TV fits in with the decor of your living room, and also enables you to position your new Samsung TV wherever you want.

However, the biggest selling point of the new Samsung QLED TVs is of course their spectacular picture quality, which is all down to the fact that these TVs has 100% Colour Volume, a technological breakthrough that brings even the smallest details to life thanks to Quantum Dot technology.

In addition, the new lineup of Samsung QLED TVs are fitted with Q Contrast Elite, another high-tech feature that provides deeper and darker blacks and eliminates glare from the sun, so you can fully enjoy TV shows, movies and video games regardless of how bright it is in the room.

Another pretty cool feature of these new Samsung QLED TVs is Ambient Mode, which blends the TV harmoniously with the room’s decor when not in use.

You can choose from various wallpapers, display the news, weather or your favourite photos, and there’s also the option to play light background music!

Samsung’s new range of QLED TVs are truly breathtaking and are a must-have for any home tech fans looking for the next big thing in television.

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