New Emojis come to iOS – update now!


If you’re fond of using the odd emoji or seven when you’re sending messages with your iPhone, you’ll be delighted to hear that more than 300 have been added in the latest iOS update!

And those emoji are about to get a whole lot more diverse. With the iOS 8.3 update, you’ll find a range of new skin tones represented as well as images representing same-sex couples. Apple is doing some self-promotion as well, updating the phone image to reflect the iPhone 6 and the watch to look like their fancy new Apple Watch.

These update emoji have had their share of controversy, particularly over the specific shades of skin and how they relate to Asian nations. And there was also a widespread campaign to have the gingers of the world properly represented with faces sported bright red hair. This has not happened as of the latest update.

And as the update rolls out to iPhones around the world, you might be in for some surprising times. If you have updated and you’re sending a new emoji to one of your friends who hasn’t, all they’ll see is a placeholder graphic which looks like a creepy alien face. So get updating folks!

In Short: A new range of diverse emoji faces and images have come to iOS, so make sure to download the update as soon as possible

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