This AI App Can Read Your Emotions


There’s a brand new app out in the wild now that offers users a little something different to all the rest: an artificial intelligence reads your face while you watch a video, determining the emotions you feel as you watch it.

Trutify is a messaging app unlike any other and allows users to send friends and families specific videos before recording their reactions to said videos using the front camera of their smartphone.



The app then uses the very latest emotional artificial intelligence to read up to 43 facial muscles an impressive 14 times a second, which enables the AI to determine the various emotions to the viewer is experiencing.


Truthify offers a total of seven different emotion states including fear, disgust, anger, happiness, contempt, sadness and surprise, and both you and the viewer can see their emotional results as they occur, with the two emotions that viewer experiences the most shown with percentages to indicate how the video made them feel.


In addition to the standard version of the app, users can also spend money to access the Premium or Pro versions of Truthify, both of which include extra features such as longer clip times and access to comments.

It’s some pretty interesting technology and it’s likely that we’ll start to see more and more emotional artificial intelligence apps hit the market in the coming years.

The Truthify app is only available for iOS users are the moment, but the company behind it has indicated that it will launch for Android users on the Google Play Store in the very near future.

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