The Parrot ANAFI Drone Lands at Harvey Norman!


Introducing the Parrot ANAFI, a next generation drone you can take with you everywhere you go that’s fitted with a spectacular 4K HDR camera.

The Parrot ANAFI is the ideal device for drone enthusiasts and budding photographers alike, offering a quick and simple method for filming high-quality videos and taking beautiful photographs.


It comes with a couple of unique features that make it stand out from other drones, such as the 180° tilt gimbal and up to 2.8X lossless zoom, which result in more opportunities to capture awe-inspiring photos and videos.


The Parrot ANAFI features an ultra-compact foldable form so you can take it with you everywhere you go, and is resistant to extreme weather conditions and offers a total flight time of 25 minutes.


Additionally, the Parrot ANAFI’s embedded Artificial Intelligence makes this drone one of the easiest drones on the market to fly, providing automated flight modes so you can focus on capturing spectacular shots.

Anafi Parrot

The Parrot ANAFI’s 4K Cinema mode offers professional quality video and uses the 17:9 video format, while HDR greatly enhances visible details in your footage by minimizing bright lights and dark shadows.

In addition, the Parrot ANAFI’s 4K camera is fitted with a wide-angel aspherical lens, which reduces lens flair and chromatic aberrations, resulting in stunning true to life videos and photographs with a picture quality that’s second to none.

The Parrot ANAFI is without a doubt one of the most advanced camera drones we’ve seen so far, but thanks to its focus on simple usability you’ll find this drone is suitable for drone newbies and experts alike and people of all ages.

For more information, drop into your local Harvey Norman store or visit our online Parrot ANAFI product page.

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