Apple Watch Already Has 1000 Apps!


A new report from Apple’s Tim Cook has suggested that over 1,000 third party apps have been submitted to the App Store exclusively for the Watch. That’s a lot of content, and while every single one of them won’t make it through Apple’s rigorous testing procedures, you can be sure there’ll be plenty to play with when it does arrive.

Apple is hoping to really kickstart the wearable revolution with their Watch, which is the first unique item from the company since it launched the iPad in 2010. Wearables still aren’t in regular use for most members of the public, but if any company can change that trend its Apple.

It remains to be seen which apps actually make the transition to your wrist. With sophisticated sensors and inputs, there’s plenty of scope on the watch for a huge range of uses, with push notifications from Facebook and Twitter just the tip of the iceberg. We’re hoping for apps which connect with your camera and control your music as well as tweaked version of popular fitness tracking software and a whole lot more once the hardware becomes available.

The Apple Watch is available to pre-order from this Friday and arrives in stores in the United States on the 24th of April 2015. Stay tuned for details on its availability in Harvey Norman in Ireland.

In Short: The Apple Watch isn’t even ready for launch yet but the new hardware already has at least 1,000 submitted apps

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