Is Apple Working On The iPhone 2019?


A new report from South Korean news outlet ETNews (by way of Gadgets 360) suggests that Apple is currently hard at work on it’s latest smartphone and the follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed iPhone X, seen in the picture above.

Simply titled the iPhone 2019, the news report claims that the upcoming smartphone will have a strong set of augmented reality (AR) features designed to make Apple the leading authority on all things AR.

Allegedly, Apple is tasking South Korean company JSCK with developing the 3D-sensing rear modules for all future iPhone cameras, and that if all things go according to plan the iPhone 2019 model will feature the triple camera setup required for augmented reality technology.

The triple camera setup is arguably the smartphone world’s ‘next big thing’, and everyone from Huawei to Samsung is building their own triple camera technology for the purpose of introducing AR tech to their products.

The iPhone 2019 isn’t the only upcoming Apple smartphone said to feature a triple camera setup (and by extension, AR technology) however, as rumours have indicated that the upcoming iPhone X Plus variant will also include this technology, and as a result will come with a number of augmented reality features.

Should the reports prove true, we can expect the iPhone 2019 to go into development during the second quarter of next year with mass production scheduled for autumn 2019.

Augmented reality technology has a large range of practical uses from entertainment to shopping to education, and countless technology companies around the world are developing their own augmented reality offerings.

Apple is notoriously cagey about its upcoming projects so it’s unlikely we’ll hear anything about the fabled iPhone 2019 model for the time being, although Apple may tease the smartphone during it’s annual conference later on this year.

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