A Drone Sheepherder Takes to the Skies Over Ireland!


Drones are really useful if you want to get amazing aerial shots and they might even deliver your post in the future, but right now they can also be used to keep those pesky sheep in line.

Irish farming brothers Declan and Paul Brennan have been getting some serious attention for their unconventional use of a drone on their farm. They use the flying machine to check on the flocks remotely to make sure everything’s ok, and Paul also has an interest in drone photography.

They’ve combined the two in this video, which shows the drone expertly herding the sheep from one field to another in a matter of minutes.

Drone’s are ideal for getting a bird’s eye view of things and it seems the sheep respond to it just as well as they would a dog at their heels. The drone has the advantage of the farmer not having to go all the way out to the field but it does have a limited amount of fuel, which is where a true sheepdog comes in!

In Short: Two enterprising Irish farmers have only gone and found another use for the amazing technology of sky-flying drones

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