Samsung Introduces The Frame 2018


There was some great news for big screen TV fans last week as South Korean electronics giant Samsung announced the successor to it’s immensely popular The Frame TV, originally released last year.

Formally known as The Frame, 2018 Edition, the latest iteration of Samsung’s unique television that displays beautiful works of art when not in use will be available to purchase with 55- and 66-inch measurements.

The newest edition of The Frame TV comes with an updated art catalogue containing 800 stunning pieces of art to choose from and a HDR Pro upgrade, HDR10+, that provides an incredibly realistic picture and colours that pop with richness.


The smart TV functions on offer here are pretty impressive, such as the Effortless Log-In feature that allows you to transfer WiFi and Samsung accounts info from your smartphone to your TV using Bluetooth, and the inclusion of Samsung’s intelligent assistant Bixby, through which you can control The Frame by voice.

From turning The Frame on and off to choosing what you want to watch, the addition of Bixby is a great touch and really adds to the sense that this TV is something special.

You can also control other smart home products via the TV using the SmartThings IoT menu, while the Smart Hub menu instantly connects you to your video game consoles, streaming services and live TV.

But it is of course the collection of 800 works of art that is the biggest draw of The Frame, which includes paintings, photographs, drawings and more chosen from various museums and artist from across the globe.

Each piece of art is available to purchase individually, or you can sign-up for a subscription service that gives you access to a selection of art each month.

The Frame, 2018 Edition, is currently available to purchase in the US only, but we’ll let you know as soon as Samsung announces a European release date.

The Frame TV is currently on sale online and at your local Harvey Norman store.

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