Irish Water – users will have to register again for €100 grant


Many months on, there’s still a lot of confusion over exactly what is going to happen once water charges are brought into Ireland. And with bills about to be issued to homes around the country, there’s some new information breaking right now.

It seems that as it stands, all homes which want to take advantage of the €100 grant will have to register with Irish Water by the 30th of June 2015. The new information comes straight from the Irish Government and adds a new step to the process.

In order to secure the grant, home owners will also have to register separately with the Department of Social Protection before the end of August 2015. The explanation is that the Dept of Social Protection will be responsible for actually paying out the grants, which will start to roll out in September.

The Department of Social Protection will be setting up their own website and call centre to deal with queries later in the year and there are bound to be many questions as bills start to go out to homeowners.

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In Short: The Irish Water saga continues, with news now that users will have to register with a second organisation in late 2015.

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