iOS 12 Adds Selfie Memojis


Apple’s iOS 12 comes with some pretty cool features but there’s one in particular many smartphone owners are going to love.

Memoji are selfie emojis very similar in style to Apple’s other animated emoji offering, Animoji, iPhone X users with iOS 12 can add to iMessages to send to friends and family.

Simply open the iMessage app, tap on the Animoji icon and scroll to the left until you reach the Memoji button.

Once you launch the Memoji maker you’ll have access to your very own Memoji, which you can customise to look just like you.

There’s plenty of skin tones to choose from, including more unusual colours like blue, and lots of face options such as eye colour, hairstyle, head shape, lips and nose, plus headwear, glasses, earrings and more.

Once you’ve finished creating your Memoji, you can add another level of likeness by recording a personal gesture for the Memoji to copy: return to the Animoji icon in iMessage, select your Memoji and press the record button once to have it record 30 seconds of you making funny faces.

You can retake the video as many times as you want and once you’re happy with it you can start sending your Memoji through friends via iMessage.

It doesn’t stop there, however, as there’s also to option to record much longer videos using the Memoji effect in in the native camera app.

To select the Memoji effect, select video mode in the camera app, tap on the star at the bottom of the screen, tap on the Animoji icon and flip the camera over to start recording.

There’s a range of additional effects like text and filters to play around with, and you can share the video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter once you’ve made your perfect Memoji movie.

Memoji is an iOS 12 feature available on the iPhone X only.

(Image credit: Apple)

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