Play Pac-Man Anywhere on Google Maps Now!


April Fool’s day jokes aren’t easy, especially when it comes to trying to give a giant corporation some kind of personality. Which is what makes Google’s latest effort kind of great.

Right now, if you go to Google maps, you can play a version of Pac-Man right on the streets of wherever you’re browsing. So you can get munching on your local road or chase a ghost down Fifth Avenue. All you have to do is click on the button down the bottom left and use the arrow keys to play.

It’s quick and simple and genius idea from the folks at Google and it also works pretty much flawlessly. The key to a good game is to make sure there are plenty of routes for you to use, and a gridlike layout works the best.

The man called Pac is live on Google Maps for April Fool’s day at least and we hope the functionality sticks around for the future.

Get started on Google Maps over here.

In Short: Right now you can log into Google Maps and bring Pac-Man around your local streets, which is a pretty cool use of technology

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