This Smart Cookie Jar Won’t Open Until You’ve Gone for a Run


Smart tech is everywhere in our homes these days – in TVs and fridges, music players, washing machines, lightbulbs and thermostats. But we thought our cookie jars were safe, until now…

Say hello to the Kitchen Safe. They first came up with the idea of creating secure containers which have an inbuilt timer. It’s a simple idea but also a very clever one – if you’re the type of person to snack at night, just put the tasty treats in the kitchen safe, set the timer til morning and you won’t be able to give into your cravings. It works as well for keeping away from credit cards, remote controls, game controllers and more.

For their new product, the company has gone even further, creating the truly smart kSafe. Rather than a simple timer, this new container can be programmed to open when you’ve achieved certain goals. So you can set it to respond only when you’ve burned a certain number of calories or once you’ve checked in at school or work.

It’s all about positive reinforcement, knowing that you’ll have a reward at the end goes a huge way towards giving you the motivation to go on. Especially when you can get a kSafe with a translucent container! You can set health, location and time goals with the handy app and there’s absolutely no way to override it!

The kSafe is currently up for funding on Kickstarter and will be available in late 2015.

In Short: If you have trouble sticking to your goals you might want to check out the kSafe smart container which rewards you when you finish

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