Top Tips to Save Battery Life on iPhone and iPod Touch


Smartphones can do amazing things these days, connecting us with the world over the internet and allowing us to take a share amazing photos, watch movies and a whole lot more. That’s all amazing, but it doesn’t half play havoc with battery life.

It’s routine to have to charge your mobile device every evening these days, while heavy users might have to top it up with power during the day as well. That’s hardly convenient, so we’ve got some top tips to help iPhone and iPod touch owners.

Be Careful With DataMobile data is an amazing thing, sending bits and bytes through the air and allowing us to connect wirelessly to the internet from just about anywhere. But it comes at a cost.

The effort of maintaining a data connection requires a lot of power from your phone, especially while something is uploading and downloading. And that drain is significantly worse while using 3G or 4G than on Wi-Fi, it’s just less efficient.

One solution is to simply turn off data when you’re not using it – head into settings and disable mobile data and/or Wi-Fi. You’re guaranteed to get longer on a single charge, and all you have to sacrifice is getting notifications in your pocket. When you need the phone again, just turn data back on.

Trim Those Push NotificationsFollowing on from the above, do you really need your phone telling you about an email, Facebook message, Tweet or Instagram like the instant they happen? If you can stand to get updates only when you’re actively using your phone, then purge some notifications.

Head into settings-notification centre and set some rules for what to include and not include. You’ll save heaps of battery life and you’ll also get some free time back once you realise how many annoying popups you were getting from your phone every hour of the day. This is one for people who have been woken up by an email at 2am!

Turn Down the BrightnessYour smartphone screen is a thing of considerable beauty, and shows off images, movies, web pages and more brilliantly, but it’s also a huge battery drain.

The iPhone has an auto brightness option which uses the ambient light sensor on the front of the phone to dynamically adjust the brightness, and you should definitely use it, especially as it can give the screen a boost when you go into a very sunny area.

You can also take manual control of the brightness and turn it all the way down when you know you’ll be in a dark environment. This is a very good tip for battery saving and also for trying to check your phone in a dark cinema.

Get the Latest iOS UpdatesApple’s operating system runs everything on your phone or iPod, and it’s constantly growing and changing.

The most recent version is iOS 8 which launched in September 2014 with a host of new additions, including tweaks for better battery life. But it’s already been updated to iOS 8.2 in March 2015 with more stability improvements.

So make sure you’ve always got the most up to date version of the operating system running on your handset, they’re free to download and include plenty of useful new features and could help your phone last longer on a single charge. Go to Settings – General – Software Update.

Set Your Screen to Auto-LockThe screen brightness is a battery-hog but just having the screen-on is also a major drain. So make sure it locks swiftly when not in use.

You can set the auto-lock period on iOS very easily, just go into Settings – General – Auto-Lock. This way after a minute or two the screen will automatically turn off and the phone will lock, making it good practise for security as well.

Just remember if you have this set up and you’re taking you time reading a webpage that the phone could go to sleep on you mid-sentence!

These are just a few quick ways that you can make a real difference to your battery life every day on the iPhone and iPod touch. So get out there and use them to your heart’s content, just maybe remember to turn off your mobile data from time to time!

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In Short: If you’re having battery problems on your iOS devices, we’re here to help with these quick and handy power saving tips

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