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Summer’s here and unexpectedly, we’ve been graced with some glorious weather. With the sun shining and everyone making the most of the outdoors, the chance to picnic, play and party “al fresco” is too tempting to turn down. Today we want to show you five Portable Speakers that can add the background sound of the summer to your days out.


This Sony speaker isn’t just compact and portable, it’s also water, dust and rust proof. Its 12-hour battery keeps the party going and lights up the linear features of the speaker that are synced to your songs. Mica Reinforced Cellular technology and extra bass increase and maintain the sound quality as the songs change. With Wireless Party Chain you can connect up to an incredible 100 other wireless speakers and turn your gathering into a mini-festival, one where your favourite artists will sound better than ever!

Bose SoundLink

The Bose SoundLink Speaker is light in weight but heavy on features. It’s water resistant, effortlessly connects via Bluetooth in an instant and has a range of 9 metres, allowing you to control the tunes while still enjoying the party. It features a built-in microphone for phone calls and with the Bose Connect app, it will update when needed to make sure it stays ahead of the pack. This compact speaker also keeps the party going for up to 8-hours.


Imagine fitting the main stage of your favourite festival in the palm of your hand. Now imagine sound so clear it feels like you’re the only one in the audience. Combine those two thoughts and you’ve got the Creative MUVO Speaker. When you connect via Bluetooth you’ll be blown away by the stunning sound and epic bass. Its 6-hour battery will get the party going and when you connect a second MUVO speaker, you and your friends will create a mini-festival. You can even input an microSD card to save space and connect your phone to talk to friends over speakerphone.



The Libratone Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most lightweight and easy to carry speakers on the market. Its slim design doubles up on sound with 360° speakers dispersing music in every direction. It’s got a 12-hour battery that guarantees a good time, once the music is right of course! It’s also weather resistant, perfect for our temperamental seasons.


Philips PixelPop

The super slick Philips Wireless Speaker combines the best of wireless technology to bring you a whole lot of fun in a little package. Connect wirelessly to play your favourite songs or talk to friends through the built-in microphone. Its easy to charge battery and finely knitted strap allows you to to quickly recharge and get back to being the life of the party in no time.

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