YouTube Now Supports Stunning 360 Degree Video


YouTube videos are about to get more interactive with new 360 degree features!

You can now upload videos to YouTube which let you pan around while a video is playing. You can click and drag with the mouse to see more of the action, thanks to footage which has been shot with special 360 degree cameras.

It all feels a bit strange at first and the footage is oddly stretched and a bit smeary but its amazing to be able to choose where you want to look while the video is playing. The effect is even weirder when you look at the videos on your phone, where you can move your handset around to simulate panning in the actual video scene!

You should expect this kind of footage to become much more popular in the years to come, as virtual reality really takes off and gives us more use for these kinds of immersive experiences. Imagine taking in this balloon ride wrapped in a high quality screen and headphones, it’s bound to be breath-taking.

So if you’ve got the gear to shoot a 360 degree video, get uploading to YouTube now! It’s currently only for Chrome and Android phones.

In Short: YouTube has brought out new functionality which allows you to upload amazing 360 degree videos which are interactive for viewers

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