Whirlpool PowerDry Technology – Never Dry a Dish Again!


There’s no doubt that dishwashers were already a great addition to any kitchen, giving you a little help to keep those dirty dishes off the counter. But Whirlpool has managed to take that technology and make it even more convenient with PowerDry.

Whirlpool’s latest dishwashers come with a host of new technology – including incredibly handy features like automatic soil detection which figures out how dirty your items are and decides when to use its 28 powerful jets to clean everything perfectly.

There’s also plenty of room for odd shaped pots thanks to the foldable racks and spacious shelves, and you’ll find space for a whole dinner parties worth of plates in a single cycle. You can remove the topmost rack to make room for large items and load to your heart’s content.

But the main innovation, and the thing which will make a real difference to your life, comes from the PowerDry system, or more specifically how it interacts with Whirlpool’s 3D Airflow system.

The frustrations of dishwashers are well known – the billowing plumes of steam when you open the door after a wash and the residual water which flows around inside, coating the plates and requiring further drying before you can put them away.

But with the 3D Airflow System, the steam is extracted quickly and efficiently and taken out of the main cavity, condensed into water and drained away. The result is perfectly dried crockery and cutlery straight from the dishwasher to your kitchen table.

This system also means no unsightly drying spots or streaks on glasses, so you won’t have to jump right in after a wash to ensure they look sparkling. It’s the ultimate in convenience, and it’s set to come to Whirlpool dishwashers at Harvey Norman very soon.

See all of the available dishwashers at Harvey Norman here.

In Short: With the combination of PowerDry technology and the 3D Airflow system, you’ll never have to dry a dish ever again

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