Dyson invests in batteries that can DOUBLE your phone’s energy


One of the things that bothers many people about their shiny gadgets is their woeful battery life. Every day, we find ourselves reaching for the charger, trying to switch devices in and out seamlessly. But those days could be coming to an end thanks to a new partnership between Dyson and tech start-up Sakti3.

The start-up may have found a way to double your smartphone’s battery. Dyson believes in its methods and has invested $15 million in the start-up. Dyson has backed this project with the aim of creating a new cordless vacuum cleaner. But, of course, this technology could have wider implications.

Dyson’s products and even gadgets like our beloved smartphones use lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology. Sakti3’s batteries, on the other hand, are a range of 'solid-state' batteries (SSBs). Not only do Sakti3’s batteries store more energy, but they could help make our favourite devices even smaller and safer.

Sakti3’s SSBs are also capable of surviving more charge-discharge cycles than traditional Li-ion batteries. The company demonstrated that its batteries will outlive the batteries we currently use, which have a typical life span of two or three years.

Inventor and entrepreneur Sir James Dyson believes that Sakti3 will change battery technology. He also said, “The Sakti3 team has amazing ambitions, and their platform offers the potential for exponential performance gains that will supercharge the Dyson machines we know today.”

While Sakti3’s plan may include replacing our smartphone batteries, it may be some time before this becomes a reality. After all, the company has to add its technology to a range of Dyson products first.

In Short: Dyson has invested a whopping $15 million in tech start-up Sakti3, which has developed batteries that can last twice as long.

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