The Best Apps of May 2018


This month’s app roundup features a handy (pun intended) one-handed web browser, the wonderfully simple Google Tasks and the forward-thinking Audiobook Reader.

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Opera Touch (Android)

Opera Touch is an Android-exclusive web browser app that takes the pain out of using your smartphone with one hand. While most smartphone web browsers keep the menu and options buttons on the top right or left of the screen, Opera Touch wisely positions these functions at the bottom of the screen where your fingers can easily reach them. It repositions other browsing functions such as the button for opening new tabs into a more manageable format, which makes it a lot easier to casually browse the internet via your smartphone while on the go.

Google Tasks (iOS / Android)

A brand new app for creating and managing tasks, Google Tasks is simple to use and features a stripped down interface that is very easy to navigate. Create and store reminders, tasks and lists and assign them to calendar dates, emails and more. Google Tasks is integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar and syncs across multiple devices ensuring you’re always up to date and on top of your to-do list, and Google plans on updating this app with new features over the coming months.

Audiobook Reader (Android)

This pretty nifty e-reader app from the folks at Good e-Reader is a little different to every other e-book app out there: in addition to acting as an e-reader, this app also narrates e-books using the Amazon Polly TTS system. You can upload any e-book you own to Audiobook Reader, select from a pretty wide range of languages and customise the font size and style of displayed text. Audiobook Reader will be out for iOS devices in the near future.

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