Apple Watch battery will be replaceable


Battery life is one of the gripes we have with most gadgets these days. The Apple Watch should see you through the day, though you will need to recharge it every night. The real problems usually arise down the road as the battery suffers from wear and tear.

The good news is that you’ll be able to replace the Apple Watch’s battery rather than shelling out for a new wearable. Apple says that the battery should last for three years. After that point, you’ll most likely have to return your Watch to Apple to have the battery replaced. If you haven’t upgraded by then, that is.

Apple didn’t mention how much it will cost to have your Watch’s battery replaced. But at least we know it’s possible. Apple has a solid track record of excellent aftermarket care, even for users who are out of warranty, so Apple Watch owners will be in capable hands.

The Apple Watch is an attractive device and quite functional. Apple announced more details about its eagerly anticipated wearable earlier this week, including its release date and price.

There are a range of models available, catering for many budgets from the more modest $349 Apple Watch Sport to the luxurious Apple Watch Edition, which costs the bones of $17,000. The Apple Watch will be available from April 24th in certain countries, though a date for other countries, including Ireland, hasn’t been set yet.

In Short: The Apple Watch may need to be charged every day, but at least it should last for several years. And when it shows its age, you can replace the battery.

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