Microsoft Introduces the Futuristic Surface Hub 2


Microsoft’s Surface devices are renowned for their cutting edge technology and the latest addition to the Surface family is no different.

The Surface Hub 2 is a 50.5-inch conference room display that doubles as an interactive whiteboard complete with touchscreen capabilities.


While the Surface Hub 2 is designed specifically with businesses in mind, it’s easy to envision this kind of technology making its way into other fields such as education and healthcare.

Essentially, the Surface Hub 2 acts of a sort of giant tablet on which users can bring together content and multimedia from a variety of sources, share information with others via Skype for Business and create content and collaborate on projects using touch and pen.

Some of the other notable features of the Surface Hub 2 include a portrait orientation function that allows users to rotate and lock the display into a different position to better suit what they’re working on, a dynamic collaboration function that enables multiple users to access and add their own personal work to a single document plus 4K video calling.


The Surface Hub 2 will also have a nifty ‘tiling’ feature that supports the side-by-side mounting and monitor linking of four Surface Hub 2 displays on a wall, resulting in an even larger interactive whiteboard that can display either one single document or multiple linked documents.

It’s a pretty impressive piece of technology and one that many businesses across the world will be eager to get their hands on; over 5,000 businesses in 25 countries currently own a Surface Hub, including more than half of the companies that make up the Fortune 100 list.

Microsoft has yet to reveal exactly when the Surface Hub 2 will launch but has stated it will go on sale at some stage next year.

We’ll keep you posted when we have more information about this wondrous interactive whiteboard.

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