Redheads Want Ginger Emoji Added in iOS Update


iOS 8.3 will include 300 new emoji icons, including a range of racially diverse faces. But one group still feels like they are being overlooked: redheads.

In response, an open letter has been written to Apple and the Unicode Consortium asking them to add a redheaded emoji in the near future. A petition is seeking 7,500 signatures in support of this letter. It currently has more than 5,000 supporters eager to see a redhead added to the range of icons.

The petition calculates that even at less than 2% of the world’s population, it means there are 138,000,000 potential iPhone owners. You can’t fault their optimism at least. The petition says, “There's still an important group of people missing from the emoji family of 300 new symbols.” It poses the question, “If you say you're going to diversify, why not add a few red-haired emoji in the mix?”

The actual letter to Apple and the Unicode Consortium is short, but sweet. It simply says, “Redheads should have emoji, too!”

Apple will release its iOS 8.3 update around the middle of this year. There are rumours that it will release a public beta sometime this month. So, we may get to play around with these new emoji very soon. It may be too soon for a redhead emoji to make the cut.

In Short: A petition on asking Apple and the Unicode Consortium to add a redhead emoji. It comes after news that 300 new icons will be added to iOS 8.3.

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