The Ryze Tello Drone: A New Way to Fly


The Ryze Tello Drone is an incredibly fun drone to fly that offers owners a unique and unforgettable experience: fly in breathtaking first-person view with a virtual reality headset (headset sold separately).

That’s right guys, thanks to the forward-thinking fliers over at Ryze now anyone can enjoy a bird’s eye view without ever having to leave the ground!

It’s a pretty cool feature and one that definitely makes the Ryze Tello Drone standout from the rest of the crowd, but that’s not the only trick the Ryze Tello Drone has up its sleeve.

Download the handy Tello App and gain access to a very easy-to-use user interface complete with incredible drone tricks you can perform with the tap of a button.


Record amazing 720p HD videos of your fights and take stunning 5MP pictures of the landscape using the Ryze Tello Drone’s high-quality image processor, which you can then share on social media via your smartphone.

The Ryze Tello Drone is always ready for take-off: simply throw the drone in the air to start flying or tap the liftoff button on the Tello App.

The Ryze Tello Drone is highly recommended for creative kids and teens as this particular drone is built using Scratch, the computer coding language.

As a result, creative types can program the drone to perform different tricks and movements while also learning the basics of computer coding (more advanced users can also create their own software applications for the drone using Tello SDK).

The Ryze Tello Drone is an ideal drone for beginners and younger children: featuring a lightweight yet durable design with software and hardware protections, you can take the Ryze Tello Drone for a spin without having to worry about knocks, drops or falls damaging it.

Whether you’re looking for your very first drone or in need of a new and innovative drone, the Ryze Tello Drone will wow you with its VR view and other great features.

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